Port Adelaide AFL player Jack Watts has fronted the TV news cameras this morning after video emerged yesterday of him snorting a white powder from the bare cleavage of a woman in Germany.

His football club confirmed yesterday the powder was not cocaine as it first appeared to many commenters on social media but was in fact “‘Wiesn Pulver’, a legal substance made up of menthol, sugar and glucose”.

The substance is commonly snorted freely and legally at Munich’s Oktoberfest. It is believed the video was made at the event in October last year.

However, it was a very sheepish Watts who fronted the media on Monday, describing it as a “shocking look” and acknowledging he was embarrassed to imagine his parents and sisters seeing him snort powder from a woman’s cleavage.

“I’m really disappointed with myself and can imagine having my parents and my sisters watching a video like that, it’s not a great feeling.” Watts said.

But he said he was most upset for his Power colleagues and fans.


“Obviously the pain and burden I’ve caused for the club and the supporters and my teammates and coaches it’s what hurts me the most,” he said.

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