Mix102.3 breakfast hosts Jodie and Soda have joined drive team Will and Woody’s mission to give Peter from Northfield in Adelaide one last Christmas as Santa.

Having already survived a quadruple bypass, Peter was recently given the news he has terminal throat cancer.

Will and Woody recently received a letter from Peter’s neighbour Gabby. It read:

Hi Will and Woody, I am writing to you about our neighbour Peter. 

After finding a lump in his neck, a scan revealed he had Stage 4 throat cancer. He was originally given 12-18 months to live but after having treatment with radiotherapy unfortunately it wasn’t successful and he was given only 3-6 months to live.

Peter is larger than life, he is a real Aussie larrikin and he is so incredibly down to earth. 

He was also our resident Santa with the belly, the white beard and the sense of the Christmas spirit. Him and his wife would don Santa clothes and they would go shopping giving joy to kids wherever they went.


Unfortunately it looks like Peter won’t be here this Christmas, he’s not doing well. But we thought doing a Christmas in July and organising something in the street for him and Jenny would be the perfect way to bring the neighborhood together and celebrate a one-of-a-kind human.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read our plea,

Will and Woody committed to helping fulfill Gabby’s request, and on Tuesday morning Jodie and Soda joined their mission.

“You two are gorgeous for doing this and I love the sentiment,” Jodie told them.

Peter had has said that without his beard (due to the radiotherapy) and the bleak prognosis he’s been given, he can’t be Santa any more.

But the breakfast and drive teams at Mix102.3 intend to change that.


“Both Jenny and Pete have the most amazing and admirable outlook on the future,” Soda said this morning.

“Because he’s done such a a wonderful job for his community for so many years in Northfield, we want to create Christmas on Thursday evening and Peter can be the best Santa again, and everyone in his community can enjoy it.”

With Peter being an Adelaide local – and Will and Woody being largely unorganised at this stage – Jodie and Soda put the call out to the FOTS (friends of the show) to get on board and help make Peter’s last Christmas really special.

It took some very generous people to get on board because there is no time to waste… Peter’s final Christmas in July is this Thursday night!

Luckily, Jodie and Soda have some amazing FOTS, and by the end of Tuesday’s show they had heard from…


-Eden offered to make cupcakes with Christmas trees on them
-Luke from Make Safe Traffic Management offered the signage and barriers to close off the street
-John from Gourmet Grillerz offered Angus Beef Burgers and Pork Belly Rolls from his food van
-Mark from Sign Trade Supplies said they’d make a big banner for the occasion

If you or anyone you know is able to help us give Peter the most special Christmas in July on Thursday night, so he can enjoy being Santa one last time, please contact us via breakfast@mix1023.com.au.