If you get a text from Australia Post, sent from Dick Smith, asking you for money to release a package ‘detained in terminal’, delete it.

The postal service flagged the scam, which was picked up by Consumer Protection on Thursday.

If the mention of Dick Smith as the sender wasn’t enough to get your BS-o-meter pinging, here’s what it says…

The scam asks for your credit card details to pay a $1 freight fee in order to receive a “phone won in competition” from the millionaire businessman.

“This SMS has not come from Australia Post and is a phishing scam. Please do not click any links or make any payments,” Australia Post said in a statement.


“The scammers will direct you to pay for freight or shipping for a package and ask for your banking information.

“Please do not provide your banking information – this is how scammers can take money from your accounts.”