Liberal MP Julia Banks has knocked back the offer of a three-month secondment to the United Nations which Labor claim may have been offered to her in an attempt to keep her quiet.

The ABC reports Ms Banks rejected the offer from PM Scott Morrison which would have seen her posted to New York and miss the remainder of the parliamentary year.

In a late night address to the House of Representatives, the Member of Chisholm said the behaviour she was describing related to “bullying, intimidation, harassment — sexual or otherwise — or a lack of integrity”.

“In my political journey a culture of appalling behaviour has been widespread, pervasive and undermining like white ants,”

Ms Banks revealed she wont be contesting her seat at the next election as an “effective and palatable” response to the behaviour she had encountered.

“That’s not the same as saying you’re walking past the behaviour,” she said.

“Walking away is very powerful and there are many men, but particularly many women, in the workplace who have done this.”


“Similarly, there are thousands would love to but can’t afford to for a raft of reasons.”

“From across the political divide there was both the groundswell of heart-warming support received from both in and outside this place, to reprisals and retribution and the old ‘nothing to see here, no formal complaint, no evidence, name and shame’ etcetera.”

“The supporters come from Australians from all walks of life. Men and women who want real change, and are fed up with the major parties treating such issues as either something they want to be swept under the carpet, to be managed as media or crisis management ‘optics issue’, or for political point scoring,” she said.

“Australians have bought none of it. In fact, this reaction is just made the support from Australian men and women even more emboldened.”