Remember the Bunnings onion saga, where you had to have your onions underneath the sausage so that they wouldn’t fall off and become a slipping hazard?!

Well, looks like one of our supermarkets has taken that advice literally, and the result is worse than having onions on the bottom.

Tanunda Foodland has… wait for it… stopped giving Smiley Fritz to children in case they drop it and slip on it.

It’s not even a misunderstanding or a one off. They got a special sign made up with their logo and laminated it.

Barossa winemaker James Adams took a photo of the sign and told the ABC it was “worse than the onion saga at Bunnings”.

“(I’m) shocked Tanunda Foodland would succumb … to over-the-top measures,” Adams said.

“I would imagine 99.9 per cent of South Aussies have a childhood memory of getting fritz at a supermarket.”


Yes we do, James. Mum used to ask the butcher for a “stick of bung fritz with two slices cut off, please” (for me and my sister to eat there and then) and it was the most exciting part of our day. I’ll be damned if kids have to wait until they get home these days just because someone thinks they might slip on it!

Rethink your policy, Tanunda Foodland!

PS If you’re reading this and are not from South Australia, you might know fritz as ‘devon’ or ‘polony’ but yours isn’t as good.