new data has pinpointed the areas of Adelaide with the highest percentage of children who are not vaccinated, and it might surprise you.

The Australian Immunisation Register released new figures that show that Norwood and its surrounding area of Payneham and St Peters top the list in Adelaide with almost 9% of children in the area not protected against potentially deadly diseases.

The top five areas of Adelaide with unvaccinated children are…

1. Norwood-Payneham-St Peters (8.96%)

2. West Torrens (7.23%)

3. Adelaide Hills (7.17%)

4. Charles Sturt (7.09%)


5. Mitcham (6.66%) 

However none of the ‘top’ areas of Adelaide compare with Queensland’s Gold Coast hinterland, which has been outed as the anti-vaccination capital of Australia. 

Nearly 15% of children who live in the holiday region have not been immunised and aren’t being protected against potentially deadly diseases.

North Richmond in New South Wales was second on the overall list. 

University of Sydney associate professor Julie Leask reiterated the importance of getting vaccinated.

‘It is vitally important that children are fully vaccinated on time and it’s important that adults get vaccines as well.’’