When it came to ski season there were always three activities for snow-lovers to choose from while visiting various ski resorts. Skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing. (Well four if you count sitting inside by the fire with a hot chocolate as an activity)

But now, one of the popular activities has been BANNED from one of the biggest ski resorts in the Snowy Mountains region and people are seriously pissed about it.

Thredbo resort have gone and banned the cheap and family friendly snow activity, tobogganing, from their ski fields just before the ski season is about to start.

Thredbo have said that they have banned the activity as a matter of safety.

“To maximise safety for guests, employers, and resort property, Thredbo prohibits the use of toboggans and other mischellanous snow sliding equipment that is associated with ‘Snow Play’ within our leasehold area,” Thredbo said on their website.

“We acknowledge that tobogganing is a favourite winter pastime, however, it also has inherent risk as there is limited ability to control the equipment being used. The safety of our guests is our number one concern.”

But people have not taken this message well and have complained about the banning on social media. One person complained that we’re living in a “nanny state” while another commented “aren’t illicit drugs in the village a bigger issue?”.


Some people have even said that the move is no more than a cash grab from Thredbo as they have gotten rid of the one activity that doesn’t force you to fork out a ton of money for a lift pass or lessons.

“Thredbo and Perisher have banned tobogganing for the ski season,” Lisa Benham said on Facebook. “Guess we won’t be taking our little ones to the snow this year. Apparently it’s dangerous…really?? More than skiing? Oh wait, you don’t need a lift pass to do it.” She also added the hashtags #moneyhungry and #dollarsnotsense.

While a lot of people are angry at Thredbo for banning to family-friendly snow play, some others have come to the ski-resorts defence.

“Thredbo just does not have the room for snow play,” wrote Anthony McRae on social media. “I witnessed too many people taking their toboggans up the bottom of the run. This is a nightmare for skiers coming down the run. I say good on Thredbo.”

Ski season for 2018 is set to kick off in Thredbo on June 9.

What do you think? Is tobogganing dangerous or do you think Thredbo has overreacted by banning the activity?