A tragic accident has been caught on camera at a theme park in India after a ride snapped in half, leaving at least two people dead and dozens more injured.

The fatal incident occurred at the Kankaria Adventure Park in Ahmedabad on Sunday afternoon (July 14) after the man shaft of the Discovery pendulum ride broke mid-ride.

As a result, the pendulum came crashing to the ground, bringing the people strapped into the ride towards the ground with it.

Shocking footage from the incident shows the ride starting up, gaining height and speed just moments before the arm of the ride snapped.


People can be heard screaming as witnesses rush onto the scene to help those who have been injured, with the footage cutting out moments after.

CNN-News18 reports that the terrifying incident was fatal and that at least two people have died as a result of their injuries.

26 others were reportedly rushed to hospital to be treated for serious injuries.

An investigation has since been launched to figure out exactly how the accident occurred and to find out if the theme park had the correct licence to operate the ride.


Officials will also reportedly look into whether the maintenance of the ride was up to standards.

Source: CNN-News18, The Sun and Twitter