If you’re feeling stressed out when you’re at work, it turns out you are in the minority compared to most Aussies according to a new world-wide survey.

Apparently Australian workers are living up to the stereotype of being relaxed and chilled out as we’re ranked second in the world when it comes to enjoying our time in the workplace.

A survey of over 23,000 working professionals in eight countries found that we are the second least stressed country, followed by the Brits (3rd), Americans (4th), Belgians (5th), Canadians (6th), French (7th) and Germans in 8th place.

Taking out the top spot was the Netherlands, who claim to have the least anxious workers on the planet.

The study found Australian workers aged 55 and older were the least stressed, however workers aged between 18 and 34 carried the most anxiety.

Not surprisingly, the research also found people earning higher wages, more than $150,000, were highly stressed, and women on average were more stressed then men.


If you’re looking for a change of career to reduce your stress levels the survey found IT, administration and accounting as the most relaxing, while health care and manufacturing are at the opposite end of the spectrum.

Nicole Gorton from recruitment and job agency Robert Half told the Daily Mail:

‘Stress in the workplace is sometimes unavoidable with many subtle yet insidious contributors,’

‘Stressed out employees not only negatively affect company performance, but can also impact overall team morale.’

‘Eliminating all work-related stress in the office may not be possible, but taking proactive steps to reduce it can improve staff performance, engagement and overall workplace happiness.’