As many as 200 wombats could be exterminated if an approved Yorke Peninsula plan to cull an entire colony goes ahead.

The Department for Environment and Water reportedly approved the killing of the so-called “pest colony”, because they have been damaging the farmer’s equipment when he “runs them over”.

The issue will become a topic of discussion in State Parliament today, with Greens MLC Tammy Franks opposed to the decision to approve the farmers’ application.

Meanwhile, Traditional Owner Quenten Agius has told The Advertiser that “the brutality has disgusted [his] community.”

“The community has not been consulted so I am speaking out as a Traditional Owner for those with no voice.”

Agius estimates that only 640 hairy-nosed wombats are left on Yorke Peninsula, and believes that the culling of 200 could push the colony toward extinction.