With one of Australia’s best footballers on the sick list, what happens to the remainder of the AFLW season is up in the air.

Erin Phillips called in sick from breakfast duties with Soda this morning, blaming a sore throat on the absence. However, she was able to exclusively reveal which of the four options to round out the AFLW season gained her vote in an AFLPA meeting last night.

Erin spoke to Soda on the phone from the safety of her house about the situation.

AFLW players were reportedly given four options on how they would like to finish off the remainder of the season, with a vote undertaken last night.

  1. to cancel the remainder of the season
  2. continue the season, unaffected
  3. start the finals this weekend between the top teams
  4. play the grand final this weekend between the top side in each conference

“You’d never think you’d be voting on how the rest of your season pans out,” Erin told Soda.

You can listen to the full chat here: 


“You could continue on, continuing on the risk was that if anyone contracted the virus (a player) there’s a good chance the league could shut down and we wouldn’t have a premier, we probably might not even resume the season moving forward.”

“Looking at Freo and North Melbourne, if I was in their position, you know they’re playing great footy, and to think all that hard work, to have put themselves in the position where they don’t get an opportunity to play for that grand final would be really disheartening and disappointing.”

Erin told Soda that she thought that naming a premier this weekend would be the fairest outcome for the league.

“I took my Adelaide Crows hat off and said ‘okay, what’s the right thing to do?’ And that’s to give those top teams, whether it be the top two teams in each pool or just the top teams in each pool to get to play for the premiership.”

A decision on the remainder of the AFLW season is expected to be made today.