It seems that every AFL season brings with it another awful example of racial vilification from footy fans.

Eddie Betts was once again the victim of racism from a footy fan, with a supporter’s tweet depicting the Carlton star as a monkey.

Jodie and Soda spoke with Port Adelaide’s Director of Aboriginal Programs Paul Vandenbergh about why this keeps happening and what else needs to be done to make sure it stops.

He told Jodie and Soda that having to constantly battle is tiring.

“It is extremely disappointing…you know what it is? It’s actually tiring, it’s tiring having to fight all the time,” Mr Vandenbergh told Jodie and Soda.

“Unfortunately, there are still people out there that need educating on how these things can be quite hurtful to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.”

Listen to the full chat with Paul Vandenbergh here:

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