Over the course of her 70 year reign, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has kept the world wondering on a number of topics. From what colour ensemble she will wear at royal weddings, to what does the way she holds her famous black hand bag mean –  Her Majesty has even had the world wondering what she eats for breakfast.

When it comes to her breakfast preferences, we can confirm that the Queen is said to start her day off in a similar fashion to most Aussies – with a bowl of Kellogg’s cereal!

That’s right! Kellogg’s has confirmed their UK counterparts hold a royal warrant and are an official supplier to the Royal household and have been for decades.

Her Majesty is said to enjoy a bowl of Special K and tops it with fruit to create a breakfast bowl fit for a queen.

The monarch is said to have rarely deviated from her breakfast tradition throughout her 70 year reign.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live like a royal? Here are 5 quirky facts about the Queen’s breakfast routine.



1. The Queen is quite partial to a pre-breakfast snack

Over the past 70 years, no matter where in the world Her Majesty might be the Queen’s routine is said to have never changed. Waking early at approximately 7:30am Her Majesty is inclined to start her day alongside her iconic, pet corgis with a cup of Earl Grey tea and a side of biscuits in her bedroom.

2. A stringent schedule is key for a Head of State

Being Head of State of the Commonwealth is certainly going to keep her busy. Schedule is key to ensuring Her Majesty gets everything done, which is why she makes her way to her private dining room, at precisely 8:30am each morning.

3. A fondness for tupperware

While many of us store our cereal in the packaging it comes in, the Queen prefers to keep her cereal stored in plastic tupperware. The Royal household keeps the Queen’s assortment of cereals  packed away in plastic tubs to help keep it extra fresh.


4. Fish for breakfast?

You read that right. While the Queen is reported to rarely deviate from her routine, when she does she opts for Fried Kippers. It has been said that she has enjoyed the oily fish for breakfast once in a blue moon since her childhood.

5. Music to her majesty’s ears

Post-breakfast the Queen is said to enjoy the sounds of the royal piper playing the bagpipes outside her window. Quite the morning alarm we say! Following the conclusion of the private concert the Queen is ready to get to business and see to matters of state by 9:30am.

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