Aussie TV/Radio presenter and one-half of the Hamish & Andy Duo, Andy Lee, flaunted his sex life on the latest episode of ‘The Hundred.’

On Nine’s statistical comedy show, he revealed that one in three Australians have filmed a sex tape, which left plenty of room for him to joke about his own…


‘On this topic, I tried to rile up my girlfriend this week by sending her a text message to see what her response was,’ he said, referring to his longtime girlfriend Rebecca ‘Bec’ Harding.

His initial text to ‘Bec’ read: ‘Sweetie, bad news our sex tape somehow got out.’

To which she amusingly replied: ‘Which one?’


Andy giggled as he forgot his mother was in the studio audience that day.

And just for the record, there was no sex tape and he and Rebecca were JOKING.

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