Two Aussie favourites unite in a mouth-watering collaboration – introducing the Jatz Tim Tam.

What began as an April Fools’ Day prank in 2023 has become a reality, thanks to overwhelming demand from customers eager to see this fusion on the shelves.

This unique creation combines the velvety richness of Tim Tam’s chocolate with the salty, crispy bite of Jatz crackers, offering a delightful twist on two beloved Arnott’s biscuits.

Rebecca Chan, Tim Tam’s marketing manager, expressed excitement, saying, “We love a good April Fools’ prank and finding new ways to delight Aussie Tim Tam fans. But after the flood of requests, we knew we had to make Tim Tam inspired by Jatz a reality for everyone to enjoy.”

As Tim Tam celebrates its 60th anniversary, it’s a fitting tribute to the fans who have made it a cultural staple. While a Vegemite Tim Tam may not be on the horizon, with this collaboration, anything is possible.

Tim Tam inspired by Jatz will grace Coles shelves nationwide in late April, priced at $5.00.

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