Adelaide is set to experience an Elvis extravaganza when “Elvis: A Musical Revolution” graces Her Majesty’s Theatre starting April 3, as part of its national tour. The production, authorized by Elvis Presley Enterprises, covers Elvis Presley’s journey from rising to fame to his iconic ’68 Comeback Special.

Rob Mallett stars as the King of Rock and Roll, and ahead of the Adelaide run, a local talent search is underway to cast the role of “Young Elvis.” Mallett, though born after Elvis’s passing in 1977, acknowledges Presley as a remarkable cultural icon.

While Mallett possesses acting, singing, and dancing talents, mastering Elvis’s signature moves, including the famous “Elvis the Pelvis” gyrations, required special coaching. Elvis tribute artist Mark Andrew Tabone, who happens to be Lisa Curry’s husband, played a pivotal role in fine-tuning the dance sequences, ensuring accuracy for Elvis enthusiasts.

Produced by David Venn, the musical was crafted by David Abbinanti and Sean Cercone, known for their work on stage adaptations of “Saturday Night Fever” and “Ghost.”

For those eager to secure tickets, a waitlist is available at Get ready for an Elvis experience that’ll have Adelaide all shook up!

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