An American musician faced a challenging situation during the SA leg of the touring electronic music festival Listen Out, responding with a defiant “f*** Adelaide” chant at his Perth performance. Marc Rebillet’s Adelaide set on Friday night ended prematurely, marred by a hostile crowd that showered him with abuse and hurled bottles in his direction. On Sunday night during his performance at the Perth stop of the popular festival, Rebillet further vocalized his frustrations with an expletive-laden chant directed at Adelaide.

Footage of the initial incident rapidly went viral, with a TikTok clip shared by Rebillet himself garnering nearly two million views. In a social media post, he lamented the situation, mentioning the altercation that occurred before he was pelted with objects. Rebillet is renowned for his interactive festival performances, often engaging with the audience and even handing them the microphone.

However, in Adelaide, his efforts were met with disdain. One concertgoer angrily shouted into the microphone, “Get off the f***ing stage,” while another called him a “nonce” and demanded he make way for popular rapper Ice Spice, who was up next.

Taking to social media, the 34-year-old musician shared his perspective on the incident. He acknowledged that he didn’t entirely blame the crowd, attributing their behavior to youthful enthusiasm and the desire to enjoy the festival. He expressed hope that these young concertgoers would mature and become more respectful in the future.

Rebillet, who gained fame during the COVID-19 pandemic for live streaming his improvised songs over looped beats, also revealed that the chaos had taken a toll on his equipment. His computer and keyboard had been exposed to moisture, prompting him to temporarily exit the stage to prevent permanent damage.

Social media users were quick to share their opinions on the situation, with some placing the blame on the festival’s all-ages policy, suggesting that the abuse primarily came from those under 18. One fan condemned the treatment of the artist as “disgusting,” while another questioned why individuals who disliked an artist would position themselves at the front of the crowd.

Aussie superstar DJ and singer Alison Wonderland joined the conversation, criticizing the behavior and describing it as “lame” and “disgusting.” Rebillet responded by attributing the situation to poor scheduling, bad luck, and the young age of the audience, urging for more respect and understanding at live events.