KISS will perform their last show ever on December 2, but fans will be pleased to know this isn’t the end of the road for the rock legends.

Gene Simmons recently assured fans that the band already has creative ventures in the pipeline.

“This tour is the end of the road for the band, not the brand. KISS is a universe of its own — movies, merchandise, maybe even Broadway. The band will end, but the KISS experience… it’s immortal.”

Future plans included cruises, a cartoon, and a Netflix biopic.

“KISS will continue. There’s a KISS museum in Las Vegas at the Rio called KISS World, and oh my goodness, we have KISS cruises, a movie coming out, and we’re working on a cartoon show, a lot of stuff. And of course, all the fun toys and games that will continue.”

The band also has plans to have actors portray them in shows around the world.

“The KISS show will live on in different ways. Yes, that’s being planned. There will also be four to ten different traveling shows. So, you’ll be able to be in Japan and have Japanese actors, and musicians being us, and at the same time you could go to Vegas or New York or London.”