A thrilling new movie filmed entirely in western Sydney has captured Hollywood’s attention, despite operating on a limited budget.

“Life after Fighting” centers on martial arts instructor Alex Faulkner, portrayed by Bren Foster. The plot follows Faulkner as he confronts a network of international child traffickers after the disappearance of two of his students.

Filmed over five months, the movie utilized locations around NSW and features an all-Australian cast.

“In Australia we do drama really well and action well separately, but in terms of drama and action together it’s almost non-existent for Australian production,” Foster said.

Foster, making his directorial debut with this film and having penned the script, is renowned for his roles in TNT’s The Last Ship, Sea Patrol, Home and Away, and action movies such as Maximum Conviction and Cedar Boys.

The 47-year-old actor, who performed his own stunts and fight sequences, hopes the film will boost local productions, encouraging them to stay within Australia.

“Wouldn’t it be great for Aussie actors to be able to get projects here in the country?” Foster said.


“Everything from overseas seems to be ‘better’ and given priority… why can’t we put Australian projects first and a priority?

“We have the talent and drive here, we just need corporate bodies to get behind it and facilitate Aussie projects.

Former Home and Away actress Cassie Howarth stars as Samantha Hathaway, a single mother who connects with Alex after enrolling her son in his martial arts classes.

“I loved filming in Australia and especially in the western suburbs of Sydney. There was a strong community feeling which carried into the film,” Howarth said.

“I’ve always been very aware of human trafficking overseas with the countries I’ve travelled to and lived in but I was not as aware of it in Australia.”

The movie is set to release in selected cinemas on June 7 across the US, Canada, and the UK, with an Australian release on June 13.

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