An actor from one of the biggest (if not the biggest franchise) has said he doubts he will return as a beloved character.

Mark Hamill has stated in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter said that he doubts he will return to the Star Wars universe as Luke Skywalker.

The actors last onscreen appearance as Skywalker was as a part of the sequel trilogy “The Last Jedi’ where he had a combative relationship with new comer Daisy Ridley’s “Rey”.

Which in 2023’s Star Wars celebrations it was confirmed that a spin-off movie starring Daisy Ridley is in the works and when Hamill’s was asked about it he stated, “No, I don’t have any expectations of that happening,”.

Although Mark Hamill doesn’t expect to come back to the franchise his likeness may well live on.

On Disney+ a de-aged Mark Hamill has been in a main role in “The Book of Boba Fett” and potentially the upcoming “Ashoka” series.

Despite what Hamill says Star Wars is a billion dollar franchise at this point and if Disney want Luke Skywalker back, they will get him back no matter what…



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