In 2021, Paul McCartney called The Rolling Stones out for being “a blues cover band,” but instead of getting upset over the diss, Mick Jagger actually thanked him.

“He said the Beatles were better than the Stones because the Stones were really just a blues cover band,” Jagger recalled in a new interview with The Times.

“Well, the Beatles were also really just a blues cover band when they started out. Every band is a cover band at the beginning, because that’s how it goes.”

The Stones singer went on to explain that during tour he would say, “someone is in the audience when they’re actually not, to create a big moment, so I said one time, ‘Paul McCartney is here tonight. He’s going to come up on stage and play some of our blues cover tunes.”

“I texted Paul to say thank you for his comment because it has given me a lot of comic material,” he added.

Despite the comments, McCartney is actually really close with The Stones and is featured on their upcoming album, Hackney Diamonds.

“It [was] fun. But it seems so natural, you know?” Jagger said about working with McCartney.

“Paul was so natural and relaxed and he enjoyed it.” he added. “We knocked it out really quick.”