Jimmy Barnes faces a comprehensive to-do list this year, having overcome a life-threatening blood infection and undergone crucial heart surgery that ultimately saved his life.

Following his near-death experience in November, the cherished rocker is diligently restoring his fitness through a regimen of pilates, walks, swimming, and indulging in the renowned Barnes home cooking. Despite the challenges he faced, Barnes is resilient and determined to regain his strength.

Teaming up with his wife Jane, the couple plans to maintain their fitness routine as they embark on a rejuvenating escape to their second home in Thailand, focusing on Jimmy’s ongoing recovery.

Even after undergoing surgeries on his back and heart in December, along with rigorous antibiotic treatments post-hospitalization, Barnes’ iconic voice remains unscathed. Remarkably, he can now passionately belt out his favorite songs, showcasing the enduring power of his vocal abilities.

While medical advice initially discouraged him from singing during the early stages of recovery, the indomitable Working Class Man couldn’t resist putting his vocals to the test during gym sessions, notably on the exercise bike. Barnes continues to defy the odds, embracing both physical and vocal rehabilitation as he moves forward on his path to recovery.

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