Robbie Williams has long stated his desire to play the legends slot at Glastonbury saying it “would be cool” to play at “the epicentre of the music world”. The singer is still insistent on this insinuating he would “slaughter it” if given the chance.

Speaking on the fan podcast Robbie Williams Rewind, the vocalist said he’s “not been asked yet” to play, but that “I know I’d slaughter it.” Williams said of a potential performance: “It’s one of those times and places, and a reimagination of what Robbie Williams is.”

“When you do Glastonbury, perception changes more than any other festival. Diana Ross could play any festival and not get any traction, but she plays Glastonbury and everybody is talking about it. A lot of people there have an oblique perception of what I am. But if they saw me do it, I would take their heads off.”

Williams spoke about his renowned weekend at Glastonbury 1995 during an interview with NME. “You know, me turning up at Glastonbury… I’m trying to put it into terms that won’t get me in trouble, but it’s like Putin turning up in Westminster,” he said. “That’s a bit extreme, obviously, but it was like, ‘What the fuck is he doing here?’ If you got Niall Horan or Harry Styles or whoever you wanna say that goes to Glastonbury now, it’s like, ‘Yeah – that’s what they should be doing. Hope they’re having a great time!’ There’s no judgement. But back when I went, it was, like, A Thing.”


Despite the singers interest, Roxy Music is rumoured to be filling the legends slot is year at Glastonbury.

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