In a spectacular style rivaling the swarm of bats overhead from the Botanic Gardens, last night witnessed Robbie Williams taking the stage with a burst of vibrant energy, instantly captivating Adelaide.

Amidst the 50,000-strong crowd at Victoria Park, the singing sensation’s presence echoed as loudly as the earlier Supercars. Williams traversed the colossal stage with an air of restlessness, covering almost as much ground as the cars had earlier.

While the expected anthem “Let Me Entertain You” resounded early in the performance, the night unfolded beyond a mere greatest hits showcase. An intriguing selection surfaced with the third song, “Land of 1000 Dances,” an unexpected choice from Williams’ treasure trove of chart-toppers, yet executed with precision.

Amongst the noteworthy performances, “Come Undone” emerged as the standout fifth tune of the night. Impeccably delivered, it became a collective experience as the audience eagerly joined in the chorus, showcasing the synergy between the artist and his fans.

Robbie Williams, a paradoxical figure, revealed through a recent Netflix documentary, demonstrated a continual quest for self-discovery. Despite his diva-esque persona, the man seeks validation over brilliance, navigating self-flagellation in pursuit of an elusive normalcy.

Although lacking the vocal finesse of an angel, Williams compensates with a stage presence amalgamating Liberace, Liam Gallagher, and James Brown. Adelaide’s expectations were not only met but surpassed, even with the unconventional setlist.

In a departure from his substantial back catalog, the tour featured numerous covers, spanning Take That, Oasis, John Farnham, and even Barry Manilow. Paradoxically, Williams’ attempt to cater to diverse tastes proved successful, weaving a tapestry that pleased everyone.


Hours before the 8:30 pm stage time, Victoria Park pulsed with anticipation, setting the stage for a night that would resonate across age groups and demographics. Robbie Williams in 2023 is a consummate showstopper, transcending the success of last year’s AFL grand final performance.

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