From convicted drug smuggler to reality star to… clock maker?

Yes, you read that right – Schapelle Corby is now a clock maker, selling her handmade epoxy resin pieces for $199 each.

“I’m self taught and through a lot of trial and error I’m happy with where I am creatively with my clocks,” Corby said in an interview with Confidential.

Based in Brisbane, Corby spends most of her time working on her clocks, admitting that it occupies her thoughts.

“This creative art form has given me so much purpose to my days; I absolutely love this passion of mine,” she told the publication.

“I do all the work by myself, sanding, drilling etc. All of the shells used are collected by myself mainly on the low tide of a full moon.”

@schapelle.corby (Instagram)


Corby’s pieces are all available to purchase though Instagram.