We seem to confuse Americans everyday at this point and the Taylor Swift concert footage continues to strike a chord.

The footage online is of her concert at the MCG where Americans have noticed the sign on the stands stating “REPORT ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOUR” and including a phone number to call or text.

According to Americans this is a blatantly clear sign that we all live in a controlling police state, that reporting people for being drunk and abusive is taking away our freedom?

With plenty of comments and retweets along the lines of “Oh my God! That’s scary as hell. I’ve never seen anything more terrifying if that’s not just a meme,” “Australia is a police state” A slightly more disturbing response was aligning the sign with our gun control laws… “They gave up their guns and are now paying for it.” Apparently the reason some people get drunk and physically or verbally abusive at concerts is because they know they wont get shot by another attendee?

Aussies came to the rescue explaining the rule as well as being slightly confused by the response they had been seeing online. “‘Report Antisocial Behaviour’ is a phone number at every stadium in Australia to prevent racial, homophobic or sexist abuse being thrown at athletes. Hope that helps.” One person responded. The rule is also on the venue’s website.

Although Taylor has finished her Aussie leg of The Eras Tour, we wonder what other things in Australia we do at concerts that seem normal to us but confuse Americans.



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