The internet is losing it after American Rapper Bun B shared a picture to Instagram of him and Taylor Swift attending a ‘Cannabis Dinner’.

In a photo of him shaking hands with the queen herself, he explained that he got a last-minute call to attend an Uno party and didn’t expect Taylor to be there, but that she ‘couldn’t be more kind and personable’.

He wrote, “Turns out it’s Questlove‘s party with food from cannabis chef/educator Nikki Steward which was amazing.”

Little did he know he’d send the internet into a spiral…

While some fans are conspiring that she is a stoner and sharing how iconic it would be to attend that party with her, others have criticised her for setting a bad example.


“Low-key uncomfortable/disappointed that Taylor Swift is potentially smoking weed,” one supposed fan wrote.

“Love her but I don’t agree with her encouraging these kinds of things especially when she’s old enough to know better.”

Cannabis is legal in New York City, meaning Taylor didn’t do anything illegal and who are we to know whether she actually consumed any?

While Twitter debates the situation and many users came to her attack, her loyal fans were there to back her up and even offered a solution.



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