Gogglebox faves Adam Densten & Symon Lovett reckon they were the ones who came up with Married At First Sight’s MAFS acronym that’s often now used instead of the show’s actual title.

Speaking to TV Tonight, the pair were giving their two cents on why Gogglebox loves Reality TV shows more than any other genre.

(Just wrapping my head around that: a reality show of people watching reality shows. Got it)

“There’s probably a few layers,” Symon explained.

“One: Volume, there’s a lot of it. Two: I think the characters of reality TV, are maybe easier to comment on, because they’re regular people… it’s the ordinary doing the extraordinary or the extraordinary doing the ordinary,” he added. “That combination is very easy to watch and consume.”

It was here that Adam chimed in with a pretty bold claim.

“I actually think that we coined MAFS as well,” he said of the hit show.

“It was Married at First Sight, and we said ‘Gotta do your MAFS homework.’ And that’s how it started. I reckon it was 2016 or 2017.”

The lads were also asked what shows they don’t get excited about.

“I hate period dramas. If they make us watch Hotel Portofino, I’ll cry,” Symon admitted.

Adam agreed, “Even Downton Abbey…I reckon Bridgerton would be bad too.”

The pair also agreed they actually didn’t like the show they apparently inadvertently named.

“I don’t really like MAFS. It’s a bit too far. The world doesn’t have to be like that,” Symon said to which Adam added, “You feel like you’re losing a bit of your soul.”

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