It’s been nearly 20 years since the iconic TV series “Friends” concluded, but there are still fascinating behind-the-scenes stories emerging. One recent revelation involves Matthew Perry, who portrayed the sarcastic and lovable Chandler Bing, and a storyline that could have taken a very different turn in the show’s fifth season.

While Matthew Perry contributed immensely to shaping Chandler’s character with his humour and delivery, it wasn’t a comedic plotline that caught his attention during season five. Instead, it was a storyline that pertained to Chandler’s relationship with Monica, portrayed by Courteney Cox.

Fans of the show will likely remember the episodes where the gang visits Las Vegas, which marked significant moments for the characters, including Ross’s third marriage. However, a lesser-known fact is that during their Vegas escapades, Chandler was originally intended to cheat on his high-maintenance girlfriend, Monica.

This surprising revelation comes from actor Lisa Cash, who made a guest appearance on “Friends” in 1999 as an extra. Initially slated to play a hotel staff member, her character was written into a scene with Monica and Chandler.

Cash explained, “The scene was Monica and Chandler were arguing in Vegas about Monica having lunch with Richard. Initially in our script, Chandler goes up to the hotel room, orders room service, and I bring it up as a hotel worker.”

As the scene played out, Chandler’s character was intended to connect with Cash’s character, ultimately leading to an affair between them.

However, Matthew Perry decided to intervene, as Cash revealed. He expressed concerns to the writers, stating that the audience would never forgive his character for cheating on Monica. It’s a sentiment that many fans of the show would likely agree with, as Chandler’s relationship with Monica was a beloved aspect of the series.


While Cash admitted that starring in a scene with Perry could have been a career-defining moment for her, she acknowledged that it was “great” to work with Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer in the plane scene, and she found it “really fun” to collaborate with Perry, even if the particular storyline didn’t make it to the screen.

Matthew Perry’s decision to preserve the integrity of Chandler and Monica’s relationship undoubtedly played a crucial role in maintaining the heart and authenticity of “Friends.” It’s yet another testament to the lasting impact of the beloved series and the dedication of its talented cast.

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