If you put a bunch of Taylor Swift fans in a confined space with nothing to do, what would you think would happen?

Over the weekend a Southwest Airlines flight going from Denver to Salt Lake City was about to take off with a bunch of Swifties on board post-Eras Tour concert.

When the passengers learnt that the flight would be delayed they kept the Swift vibes going by starting an impromptu sing-a-long.

Hannah Hazlet recorded this moment, put it on TikTok and within three days it gained over 1.8 million views.

Funnily enough this video has divided the internet with some describing it as a “dream” and others stating it is their “worst nightmare”.

One commenter wrote, “I WANNA BE IN THAT PLANE!” and another fans agrees, “this would make my flying anxiety disappear.”

Others have a more pessimistic approach stating, “I’d cry”, “torture” and “this is insane!”


Some view this as a positive moment and others think it would be kind of annoying to be one this flight.

What would you do if this happened on your plane?


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