Former footballer and adult film actor Warwick Capper has unveiled his latest business venture—establishing a chain of brothels nationwide. The charismatic personality even hinted at the possibility of opening one in Adelaide, although the existing sex work regulations in South Australia currently pose a hindrance.

Taking charge of the Westminster Secrets brothel in Oakleigh, a suburb of Melbourne, the ex-Sydney Swans and Brisbane Bears player revealed his ambitious plan to “open a new one every year.” Speaking to the Herald Sun, Capper shared his marketing strategies, stating, “I’ve got some great ads and promos lined up where I’m dressed as a pimp daddy.” He further added, “In another one, I’m dressed as 007, and I’ve got the catch cry ‘it won’t make you James Bond but it will make you Roger Moore’ … get it?”

Expressing his broader vision for a burgeoning brothel empire, Capper disclosed that he was eyeing potential locations in Adelaide and Sydney, as reported by 7NEWS. While Victoria is set to fully decriminalize sex work by December 1 of this year, South Australia maintains strict laws against operating brothels, with a maximum penalty of $2500 or six months’ imprisonment.

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