An iconic dance performed by Jenna Ortega in Netflix’s Wednesday series has gone viral on YouTube and Tiktok and it seems that its influence is very far reaching.

At the recent 2023 Russian Figure Skating Championships 16-Year-Old Kamila Valieva performed a routine with the viral dance as the highlight of her performance. Taking to the rink dressed as Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Addams, along with the spot on facial expressions, Valieve started by skating to Danny Elfman’s theme to the Netflix series. The music then changed, and The Cramps’ ‘Goo Goo Muck’ started playing, with Valieve recreating Ortega’s popular dance. Valieve went on to win silver in the women’s senior championship division due in huge part to this performance.

Watch the full routine here:

Jenna Ortega outlined in a recent interview on the Tonight Show the nightmare situation behind the creation of this dance. “I was kicking myself,” Ortega said about her decision to dream up the dance scene herself. “I felt like such a fool. I’m not a dancer. I don’t do any of that. I have no experience in that field. And then I didn’t sleep for two days.”

The Wednesday star continues, “I’d gotten the song [‘Goo Goo Muck’] about a week before and I just pulled from whatever I could [to create the dance]. I asked to redo it but we didn’t have time. I think I probably could have done it a bit better…”

Ortega might not be happy with the outcome of the dance but the millions of fans who watched the show seem to have embraced it with open arms.

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