This isn’t a “wouldn’t it be cool if this existed” story, this is a “holy sh** this is really happening” story. Coles are delivering your groceries VIA DRONE. Yeah, we’re living in the future people.

Teaming up with Google-owned drove company ‘Wing’ some Aussie customers can now order groceries and have them at their door in minutes. Coles are the first major Aussie retailer to trial the new service being dubbed “store-to-door”. Coles staff will pack the orders while Wing employees will load the drones and manage the delivery process.

Talking about the new service Coles Head of Network Development and Customer Delivery James Geddes said “Whether they’ve forgotten to pick up a loaf of bread or fresh milk during their weekly shop or are missing an ingredient for dinner-time meal prep or school lunches, (customers) can now get those products delivered quickly, without having to drive to the store”.

For the moment, Coles are only sending out their drone delivery team to customers on the Gold Coast with no news yet about when South Aussies should expect to receive their bread and milk from the sky!


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