I’ll say it. It’s bloody tough sometimes, you know? It’s hard to save around your mates.

If FOMO runs rampant, and if peer pressure gets to you, I might have the solution… But first off, let me tell you, you aren’t alone!

Research from Finder found 47% of Aussies have felt they had to spend money because of pressure from their social circle and 22% have gone into debt or spent more than they can afford because of that pressure.

When it comes to what we feel like we have to spend on, the survey showed that 28% of people felt forced to split a restaurant bill evenly when they ordered less than others, while 14% say they’ve been coerced into going on an expensive holiday with loved ones.

When it comes to the most common outcomes, 42% of people said they tell their friends they’re trying to save but then FOMO sucks them in and they wind up spending anyway. On the other hand, 15% keep spending to avoid looking stingy and 23% take time away from their friends to save some cash. Then, there is a determined 20% who stick to their guns and hit those savings goals.

We’ve had people chip in with some advice, and I think I’ll be taking some ideas from their book!

Here’s what others have suggested;


“I am blunt. Tell them I’m saving and happy to have them over instead of going out.” – Sam

“Hey, can we do something cheaper? I’m saving and waiting for my next paycheck.” – Lisa

“Tell them your limit is two to three drinks, or do dinner at someone’s place instead.” – Ben 

“Let them know your goals — house, holiday, medical procedure etc — people get it.” – Isabelle

“I find them all really open and respectful. We all have clear goals and want to see success.” – Luke 

“Say you need their help to keep you on task.” – Dylan 


“Honesty is the best policy for me. Your friends should be supportive of your goals.” – Jasmine

“Be honest, organise cheap or free things. Dinner and drinks at yours or coffee and walks.” – Sarah

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