We’ve all been there, underestimated how much you would need at checkout time, holding up the people behind us at the self-service checkout while we frantically transfer funds between our accounts (why is there never any reception in Woolies?!)

TikToker Queenie Tan has shared an arguably life-changing hack. Supermarket giant Woolworths has been rolling out the ‘Scan & Go’ feature in the Woolworths app. The app allows you to scan products as you shop, calculating the total cost of your shop as you go!

The best part? You’ll no longer have to unload your entire basket and scan each item at the checkout; your app will create a QR code for your shop so that when you’re finished, just literally scan (your QR code) & go (well, you’ll have to pay first)!

Be sure to download the Woolworths app and check if ‘Scan & Go’ is available at your local Woolworths.


Image credit: Woolworths

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