Want to experience the rudest hotel stay of your life?

Well, you can now get the full Karen experience by checking into the Karen hotel!

The viral restaurant chain Karen’s Diner is expanding its Karen experience with a hotel in North London where you can check in for the works of criticism, blunt comments and wicked sarcasm.

Guests are greeted by rude hotel staff and waiters, shunted into messy rooms ‘where you never know what you will find’ and reminded that employees ‘will do their best not to take care of your needs’.

“Please note that your booking is not confirmed until we call you and F’ing confirm it, and for the love of Karen, don’t ask to speak to the manager” their website states.

YouTuber Eddie Hall decided to film his experience at the hotel to give people a glimpse of what’s in store and it isn’t pretty.


After being rudely welcomed by the Karen staff members, they are greeted to their room with an awful smell and pillows filled with styrofoam.

Watch the experience below to see if you can handle it.

A stay at the hotel will set you back around $333 AUD for a two-person package which includes a less-than-impressive room, a meal at Karen’s diner and a breakfast the following morning… if you’re lucky.

Check it out on their website here.

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