In celebration of its approaching 60th anniversary, Arnotts has introduced a delectable addition to its TimTam Deluxe range.

The TimTam Deluxe series, known for its heightened decadence compared to the original, now boasts a new flavor: TimTam Deluxe Cafe Latte.

This latest offering combines the beloved TimTam chocolate with rich coffee flavors and a luscious caramel center, elevating the indulgence to new heights.

Rebecca Chan, Marketing Manager for TimTam, expressed excitement about the fusion of flavors, stating, “Pairing two delicious tastes into one luxurious biscuit is sure to delight Aussies, leaving them wondering, ‘what more could you wish for’?”

“With its extra gooey center, intensified chocolate, and tantalizing caramel coffee hints, TimTam Deluxe Café Latte is a mouthwatering addition to our most opulent range yet. It’s the ideal companion for your 3 pm energy boost or a cozy night in on the sofa,” she added.

Enthusiasts of the TimTam range can find the new Cafe Latte flavor at supermarkets and select retailers starting today!

Earlier this year, Arnott’s, the company behind TimTam, surprised fans by revealing that a product initially proposed as an April Fool’s joke would indeed hit shelves.


Annually, brands like Arnott’s and Macca’s engage in social media antics, teasing the release of new products on April 1st, only to reveal them as pranks.

Last year, Arnott’s teased the introduction of TimTam Jatz, sparking immediate excitement and requests for the flavor to become a reality. Now, over a year later, Arnott’s has turned that dream into a reality, announcing that TimTam Jatz will be exclusively available at Coles from late April.

This innovative biscuit combines the signature chocolate elements of a TimTam with the savory crunch of a Jatz cracker, fulfilling the wishes of eager fans.

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