Any Aussie stargazers will be spoilt for choice with two big astronomical events happening this August in Australia.

Both a Sturgeon Supermoon and a Blue Moon will appear in the nights sky in the next month.

You’ll have to get up early to see the Sturgeon Supermoon, 10 News reports that the moon will be it’s brightest at 4:02 ACST on Wednesday 2nd August.

As for the Blue Moon Australia will be able to witness it on 31st August.

Now the moon won’t appear blue in the sky but it rather refers to the occurrence of two full moons in one month.

But this Blue moon is also a supermoon which means it will appear larger in the sky!

Michigan State University Abrams Planetarium director Dr Shannon Schmoll spoke to 10 News about the occurrence.


“As the moon goes around the Earth, it’s not a perfect circle. So, there are points in its orbit where it’s a little bit closer or a little bit farther from the Earth,”

But don’t worry, if you miss this supermoon the next one will be visible in November and will be slightly larger then the one this month.

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