We have KeepCup to thank for making reusable coffee cups COOL, with their spin on transportable drinks going global and changing the way we drink takeaway coffee forever.

Now the company is releasing a new line of reusable bottles, because honestly… we need to stop drinking water out of plastic bottles, we really do.

Single-use plastic has Australia contributing to 3.5 million TONNES OF PLASTIC A YEAR!

According to KeepCup,  373 million plastic water bottles end up as waste each year in Australia alone.

The KeepCup Bottle is light weight, fully sealed and SUPER easy to clean because you can twist it apart in the MIDDLE of the bottle.

How many times have you side-eyed your thermoses in the pantry wondering what the hell is growing inside because you haven’t touched it in a minute and eventually you admit defeat and throw it away…

The KeepCup Bottle twists apart into two components which means you can clean it all the time whilst also being able to pick your fave KeepCup materials and colours so you can customise it to perfection


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