The Ali Clarke Breakfast Show want to give you the Trip of a Lifetime, but Ali and Max are fighting over the perfect location and therefore, they are passing the decision on to you! Ali wants you to grab the FAMILY and take them on an amazing adventure to the magical Disneyland, Max wants you to leave the kids at home and enjoy the FREEDOM of an unforgettable holiday in Las Vegas.

It’s the question on everyone’s lips this week; which do you choose.. FAMILY or FREEDOM?

Well…. Max wants to tempt you towards choosing the latter, by giving you his undisputed MUST DO activities to tick off the bucket list while exploring the desert oasis!

#5 – Top of the Stratosphere

The Stratosphere Tower is famous for its adrenaline-pumping thrill rides located at the top of the tower! The most notable thrill rides include:

  • Insanity: A ride that dangles you over the edge of the tower at a height of over 900 feet, spinning at high speeds.
  • Big Shot: A 160 feet vertical drop ride that shoots you up and down the tower’s mast at over 70kmph
  • X-Scream: A teeter-totter-like ride that propels you over the edge of the tower, providing a sensation of hanging in mid-air.

#4 M&Ms Las Vegas

M&M’s World in Las Vegas is a vibrant retail store dedicated to all things M&M’s. You can explore a colourful wonderland filled with a vast assortment of M&M’s merchandise, including apparel, accessories, and personalized candies. The store boasts an extensive selection of M&M’s candies in various colours and flavours, offers interactive displays, and features giant M&M’s character statues for photo opportunities! It’s a fun and family-friendly destination where you can shop for unique M&M’s-themed gifts, fill bags with your favourite candy from the “Chocolate Wall,” and enjoy a sweet taste of M&M’s creativity and charm.

#3 – The Grand Canyon via Helicopter

The Grand Canyon is an awe-inspiring natural wonder located just outside of Vegas. For a more luxurious and scenic experience, consider taking a helicopter tour from the strip. These tours offer breathtaking aerial views and can be a thrilling way to see the canyon. They often include landing options for added exploration!


#2 – The Bacchanal Buffet

The Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas was the epitome of culinary extravagance, offering a dazzling array of globally inspired dishes meticulously crafted with top-quality ingredients. From savory to sweet, its diverse spread of cuisine catered to every palate, with live cooking stations adding an interactive flair. This opulent dining haven isn’t just about food; it was an experience, set in an upscale, inviting ambiance that made every meal feel like a grand occasion. With its exquisite presentations and seasonal specialties, this buffet is the place to savor a world of flavors and elevate your dining adventures in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip.

#1 – Walk the strip!

One of the best things about Vegas is the amazing amount of FREE entertainment! By just getting out and walking the strip you can be endlessly entertained:

  • The Bellagio Fountain
  • The Sphere at Venetian Resort
  • The indoor canals of Caesar’s Palace
  • The erupting volcano at the Mirage
  • Countless street performers
  • Fashion Show Mall
  • All the neon signs!


Needless to say, Max feels pretty confident that these activities alone have made the answer clear. Freedom is the way to go, and your Trip of a Lifetime would surely be LAS VEGAS!

So, what’ll it be? Family or Freedom? Hit the link below to be in the running!


MIX102.3’s Trip of a Lifetime: Family or Freedom