I’ve got great news for the less body confident, but also the rest of humanity in general…

IT’S OKAY TO KEEP YOUR TOP ON! God that feels good to say. Of course it’s still your choice, and heavens do what you wish, but don’t do it because you think ‘you have to.’

It’s great news for dating profiles! A recent study of 567 participants were shown a profile of a white adult man named ‘Noah,’ which varied in relationship motivation, muscularity and sexualised appearance.

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The study by the University of Colorado showed that men who pose topless are seen as less competent and more promiscuous (which for some isn’t far from the truth) by the majority of participants both male & female.

‘Noah’ was described as interested in either casual sex or a committed relationship, either had a muscular body or a non-muscular physique, and either wore a white t-shirt or was topless.

Interestingly enough, both men and women rated the muscular man as more attractive than the non-muscular man, while only men rated him as higher in risky sexual behaviour.


‘The present findings indicate that a man’s sexualized self-presentation on a dating profile, even on an app known as a site for hook-ups, elicits diminished perceptions of his competence and greater perceptions that he engages in risky sexual behavior,’ the researchers wrote.

Based on the findings, the researchers are encouraging men looking for serious relationships to think twice before posting topless photos to their profiles.

‘A sexualized self-presentation on a Tinder profile is perhaps not the best self-presentational choice for men wanting to make a positive impression on women,’ they concluded.

Well there you go! Is this a weight off your shoulders?

CREDIT: Daily Mail AU

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