Look, I grew up in a distinctly lower-middle class family and I can attest with confidence that there were ABSOLUTELY things that indicated how ‘well off’ other families and kids were…

I’ve devised a bit of a list, and I’m pretty confident you’ll agree with me when I say these are CLEAR INDICATORS of wealth in this country.

Here are the signs you were ‘well off’ growing up in Australia; 

  1. The Foxtel or Austar dish was viewable from the street.
  2. ‘Going on holiday’ meant a plane boarding ticket.
  3. Rugs were in places other than the loungeroom.
  4. The fridge had an ice and water dispenser.
  5. Limits on snacks & soft drink didn’t exist.
  6. Your food had actual brand names.
  7. Ordering lunch at the canteen practically every day.
  8. Eating at a fancy restaurant (any place other than Maccas) without a special occasion to justify it.
  9. A trampoline was in the backyard.
  10. A PlayStation was hooked up to the Plasma TV.

Other ‘low-key’ signs you were rich growing up;

  1. You shopped exclusively at Myer or David Jones.
  2. You got takeout delivered instead of picking it up.
  3. You got picked up from school on a daily basis.
  4. Your furniture matched.
  5. You bought lunch at the fair or show instead of bringing your own.
  6. You flew exclusively with Qantas.
  7. You bought popcorn and snacks at the movies.
  8. You could do more than one extracurricular activity.

What do you think? Are these pretty accurate?

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