Apparently it’s very easy to win the lottery if you know this one trick, one very expensive trick that is.

Stefan Mandel an Australian mathematician is the man who hacked the system to win the lottery 14 times with over 30 million dollars in rewards.

The way he did it was shockingly simple.

For example the odds of winning the lottery is 1 in 8,145,060 according to Lottoland Australia.

If you bought another ticket your chances would be 2 in 8,145,060.

So if you bought enough tickets your odds would eventually reach 8,145,060 in 8,145,060, a sure bet!

So all that Mandel had to do was buy 8,145,060 tickets. Easy right?


Mandel soon discovered that if the jackpot was high enough the prize money should cover the cost of the tickets and leave him with a good profit. He’s only problem was finding the upfront cost.

Mandel convinced a group of investors to buy into his scheme and quickly he cleared out 14 Australian lotteries with millions in profit.

After he earned his winnings the mathematician disbanded his team and retired to a beach house on the tropical island of Vanuatu, where he still lives.

Sadly even if you have a couple million dollars lying around to do your own version of the scheme most Australian lotteries have banned buying tickets in bulk.

So blame Stefan Mandel for you not being a self made millionaire!


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