I have a love/hate relationship with the internet. I love it because I can google “where do I know the kid from ‘Love Actually’ from?” and it’ll tell me he’s in ‘The Maze Runner’ franchise. I hate it because it constantly reminds me I could be making more money doing literally anything else but this…

In today’s episode of ‘Strange Jobs That Make A Shitload Of Coin’ I give you – Christmas Tree Decorator. Amanda Ware left her teaching job to become a professional Christmas elf and my lord she’s raking it in. She’s the Mariah Carey of Christmas trees.

Ms Ware decorates around 100 trees every year and charges (on average) about $1,500 AUD. I’m not great at math but that works out to be roughly A LOT OF GODDAMN MONEY! Head to her TikTok if you want some tips on how to make your tree really POP.

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