It’s an odd phenomenon isn’t it? Have you noticed it?

People today seem to look FAR younger than what they did in the old scrap books your parents might whip out from the 80s or earlier…

A 35 year-old of today, doesn’t appear the same as a 35 year-old of the 80s for example…

If you’ve noticed this too, a video has released explaining why this might be.

It’s super interesting;

YouTube sensation, and Educator Michael Stevens (AKA Vsauce) explains the phenomenon in a new video called, “Did people used to look older?”

In the video, he explains that people in the past appear a lot older due to a phenomenon known as ‘retrospective aging.’

When we see people in the past, they are wearing outdated styles that we associate with older people; therefore, we think they have aged rapidly. For example, a teenager in the 1950s may have been in fashion while wearing thick Buddy Holly-style glasses.


But as people age, they tend to cling to the fashion of their youth. Is this all just an illusion?

Stevens points out that people did age faster back in the day due to differences in nutrition, lifestyle and medicine.

Well there you go! Crazy.

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