This weekend is the iconic showdown match with Port Adelaide Vs Adelaide Crows and an image that is synonymous with the match has gotten some people into legal trouble.

The image of brothers Troy and Shane Bond on opposing teams embracing each other after a close match at Showdown 2 is beloved among the AFL community.

It’s so beloved that the image is used on the Showdown trophy, shield and merchandise.

In recent days Troy and Shane have threatened court action over the unauthorised use of this photo on said products.

The Advertiser reports that a Top South Australian lawyer Greg Griffin wrote to both clubs seeking a meeting to discuss “our clients’ claim in relation to the use of their likenesses for promotional purposes”.

This letter goes onto say, “We write to provide notice that our clients intend to commence legal proceedings against each of you in the District Court of South Australia.”

There is no more information at this time about any legal proceedings.


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