While the PM copped a spray while visiting a local pub, Anthony Albanese passed up the chance to answer a gatecrasher’s “tough question” during a press conference in Perth on Wednesday.

The gatecrasher stood with the journalists and told the group he was “not a media person” and didn’t have a media pass but had a “tough question” for the leader of the opposition.

“I am just a local person. I have a tough question, if you’re up for it,” the man said.

Mr Albanese said he was “absolutely up for it” but couldn’t take the man’s question straight away, but would do so after the press conference.

On Thursday, Mr Albanese told Russell Clarke on 96FM why he wouldn’t take the question during the presser.

“I think it’s important that we treat each other with respect,” he began.

“And [the man] wasn’t just a punter who rocked up to the press conference yesterday, there was a truck going around with a billboard attached to it that’s been busy trying to whip-up racist sentiment, basically.

“That fella was associated with that, so we just got on with the press conference.”

Meanwhile, also on Wednesday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison copped a true pub test from an actual punter, who was incredibly upset.

Albanese said you just had to deal with it.

“That fellow was obviously just a local that had a genuine feeling and I’m sympathetic towards anyone, including the prime minister, put in that situation,” he said.

“[But] it’s a good thing that senior [politicians], whether it’s the prime minister or the leader of the opposition, can get about.

“I certainly try to meet as many people as I can and try to listen to as many views as I can – that’s how you find out what’s going on in the community.”