One of Adelaide’s most beloved pubs is on the brink of closure due to a heated legal battle with its landlord over a $100,000 lease dispute.

Cousins Brettski Stewart and Ian Stewart revitalized the iconic pub in 2020 after securing a five-year lease with renewal options from Austral Properties.

Now, four years later, the cousins have initiated legal action against their landlord, fearing eviction.

Court documents filed with the District Court indicate that the pub owners submitted a renewal notice within the required timeframe, but the landlord claims they never received it.

The landlord also alleged they were owed $87,158.41 in overdue rent, which was eventually paid.

Ian Stewart emphasized their commitment to renewing the lease after investing heavily in the property.

Mr. Stewart insists he holds no animosity toward Austral Properties, attributing the issue to a miscommunication from their property manager, necessitating court intervention.


“The problem lies with the property manager and their communication methods,” he stated.

The Stewarts are seeking court confirmation that their lease extends until December 3, 2028.

In contrast, Austral Properties contends that the applicants lost their right to occupy the property due to the alleged failure to submit a renewal notice.

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