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The Fringe is full of great shows for kids under-10 but no so many for the harder to please 10+ kids, thank God for 360 Allstars.

Full disclosure – I am prone to exaggeration! However, I’m not exaggerating this time when I say all 7 of the performers are of the highest level in their chosen craft.

The show starts with the director of the show Gene Peterson and MC Mirrah showing us their impressive MC skills — and Gene’s impressive drumming skills — as they introduce the rest of the crew.

We then see two of the best breakdancers in the world do some amazing moves (who knew breakdancing was still a thing). Daniel Price with his acrobatic moves on the world’s biggest Hula Hoop (apparently called a Cyr wheel), a BMX superstar & his tricks (how did he not fall off the stage) and my new fave superhero Basketballman, nailing basketball tricks I’ve never seen before & getting plenty of laughs on the way (give this guy a gig with the Harlem Globetrotters!).

The only slight issue for me was during the show, we also got a drum solo from Gene and a solo song from MC Mirrah, which didn’t seem to engage the kids as much as the rest of the show but the adults, including this one, were very impressed!

If you go to this (and you should), a couple of tips for you: firstly, don’t take your eyes off the stage for a second! From the start to the “all-in” at the end, there is so much going on the whole time. Secondly, if you can, don’t sit too left or right of the stage – you won’t be able to see one of the MCs in action.

If you have kids over 10 (and younger), they will love this and the good news is, you will too!

4.5 stars

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