The call for rail line extensions to facilitate rapid housing development in Adelaide’s northern and southern regions is gaining urgency, aiming to prevent a surge of nearly 25,000 new homes from overwhelming the city’s road network.

Expressing concern that the existing city roads cannot accommodate an additional 100,000 car commuters, RAA Chief Executive Officer Nick Reade is advocating for a significant infrastructure expansion to support the largest land release in the state’s history.

The RAA, representing the state’s largest membership group, is pushing for a metropolitan rail network expansion. This includes extending the Seaford line approximately 9km south to Aldinga by 2030 and stretching the Gawler line to Concordia, approximately 7km northeast.

Mr. Reade is also emphasizing the necessity of additional rail extensions or high-capacity bus links to areas like Dry Creek, where 10,000 homes are planned, and the Riverlea estate by Walker Corporation, a $3 billion development opened officially in February last year, set to accommodate 40,000 people.

Premier Peter Malinauskas, who unveiled the largest single release of residential land in the state’s history in February last year, assured that his government has taken steps to preserve a rail corridor for a potential Aldinga extension. Additionally, a northern Adelaide transport study has been initiated, exploring all possible solutions.

Supporting the need for increased land supply as the state’s population is projected to reach two million by 2029, Mr. Reade emphasized the importance of comprehensive infrastructure development alongside the recent land releases, covering areas like Dry Creek, Riverlea, Concordia, Sellicks Beach, and West Lakes.

Mr. Reade highlighted the potential consequences if an additional 100,000 people were to rely on cars for their daily commute, stressing that the existing road network would face significant congestion and increased travel times. To maintain its reputation as one of the world’s most livable cities and contribute to environmental sustainability, he urged a stronger focus on public transport usage, particularly for those residing in the outer suburbs.

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